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Customer service and transparency were the concrete factors on why we chose Censeo. When we walked into the model home, we were greeted by a warm and welcoming staff that treated us like people, instead of just numbers with a face on it. Everyone that worked with us from Censeo, worked with us as if their integrity was priceless. If we had to do it all over, it would still be a Censeo home!

Elliot H

I cannot say enough about the fantastic experience we’ve had with Censeo Homes. They have done an outstanding job from start to finish and beyond. As our house was being built we visited the progress almost daily & we were always pleased by the professionalism of the contractors and their work ethic.  We are beyond satisfied with the quality of workmanship as well. They made home buying a pleasant experience. We would definitely recommend buying from Censeo homes!

Mose & Jeannette

My broker allowed me and my wife to see the total cost of our home before we went under contract. Which allowed us to make a conscious financial decision from the gate. And they worked with us through our whole journey.

Thomas B.