why Censeo is a smart choice


At Censeo Homes, we take pride in what we do. We're deeply invested in the communities we serve and their families, realizing that we are not just manufacturing a product, but actually weaving ourselves into the fabric of these communities. That awareness is also a responsibility we take seriously and we strive everyday to improve our craft.  When you choose Censeo, you can be have our promise that you will be moving into a home you can be proud of.  You can also be confident that you are partnering with a company that takes pride in the role they play in helping our communities grow an prosper. 


The Censeo Difference


Pride in craftsmanship leads to pride in ownership and our builders are committed to their craft, as is evident in the details that go into every home we make, including choice materials that add quality, purpose and longevity to your home. 


We're not just building homes, we're build your home. It's a process and our team is here to guide you through it - listening, communicating and advising throughout. When you choose Censeo, you become more than just a client, you're become a valued part of our team.



Diversity is embraced in the teams we hire, in the communities we serve and in the homes we build. By offering an array of options in floor plans, building materials, colors, etc., we help our clients build homes that reflect who they are.


We know that buying a home is a big step in our client's lives. At Censeo, we want it to be a sound, solid step and a great investment. Which is why we strive to add value, beyond aesthetics. Our homes are always well designed, well built, energy efficient and well priced.