The Top 5 Reasons Why Buying A Home is SmaRter Than Renting


Building Wealth

Enjoy the many financial benefits of home ownership. 

The most obvious benefit is the fixed mortgage payment; while rents continue to increase, your house payment never will.  And as you pay your mortgage, you will be building your equity in the home - a savings of sorts. Furthermore, as your home appreciates it accrues faster than other investments, because appreciation occurs over the entire value of the home, not just your downpayment; and if you sell your home, you won't pay taxes on the money gained.  Speaking of taxes, did you know that you can deduct mortgage interest and property taxes on your income tax return?  If you consider these benefits, it's easy to see why handing your check to the landlord every month just doesn't add up.

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Space To Roam

Get more home for your money and enjoy the Space.

In many markets and Texas is no exception, mortgage payments can be comparable, if not lower than rent - and that includes apartment living. Many first-time homeowners are surprised at the size of home they can afford for a mortgage payment that is roughly the same as their monthly rent. Imagine parking in your own 2-car garage and walking right into a spacious and open floor plan. Spare bedroom or home office? Why not both? As a homeowner you don't have to make that choice. Working from home, weekend guests and backyard barbecues are all benefits of home ownership.


Unleashed Creativity

make your Home, Unmistakably yours.

Every renter wishes at some point that they could change this or that about their home. With endless restrictions on modifications, difficult landlords and the prospect of lost deposits, most renters are left to accept what they're given.  One of the biggest benefits of home ownerships is the ability and flexibility to make your home, well - yours.  Buying a new home adds to this benefit as homebuilders, like Censeo, provide you with many options to customize your homes to your own personal tastes and preferences.


Tech Your Way

High tech, low tech ... it's your choice.

Technology plays a bigger role in choosing where to live than it ever has in the past. As opposed to many renters, home owners rarely have limitations when it comes to internet and cable providers. Purchasing a new home has the added benefit of owning the latest in appliances and in some cases, smart home technology such as the ability to control your lights, thermostats and other features with your smart phone.


Sweet Privacy

Eliminate distractions and interruptions.

Apartment dwellers especially know what it is to live next door to noisy neighbors. Thin walls are no match for loud music, toys or tenants. Even those renters who don't share a wall with neighbors are often exposed to the whims of a nosy landlord. This of course, is not an issue for homeowners, who generally enjoy the benefit of privacy and the company of like-minded neighbors.