The Top 5 Reasons Why Buying A Home is Smarter Than Renting


Owning a home has many financial benefits over renting. 

The most obvious benefit is the fixed mortgage payment. While rents continue to increase, your house payment never will. And as you pay your mortgage, you will be building your equity in the home, which is a savings of sorts. Furthermore, as your home appreciates it accrues faster than other investments because appreciation occurs over the entire value of the home, not just your downpayment; and if you sell your home, you won't pay taxes on the money gained.  Speaking of taxes, did you know that you can deduct mortgage interest and property taxes on your income tax return?  If you consider these benefits, it's easy to see why handing your check to the landlord every month just doesn't add up.


Get more home for your money and enjoy the space.

In many markets, including Texas, mortgage payments can be comparable, if not lower than rent - and that includes apartment living. Many first-time homeowners are surprised at the size of home they can afford for a mortgage payment that is roughly the same as their monthly rent. Imagine parking in your own 2-car garage and walking right into a spacious and open floor plan. Should you have a spare bedroom or home office? Why not both? As a homeowner you don't have to make that choice. Working from home, hosting weekend guests, and grilling at your backyard barbecues are all benefits of home ownership.


Become the interior designer you’ve always looked up to.

Buying a home puts you in charge of the look and feel of a space when you walk into the room. Think of it this way, you can have your own HGTV show once you become a homeowner. Rental home agreements will normally have very strict clauses when it comes to any decorative home improvements, and any changes will need to be approved by the property’s owner. Home owners, on the other hand, have full control from paint colors to lights to flooring. You are free to explore all the options to create a living space that is the perfect fit for you.


There’s no price on safety.

Home security has become an increasingly important tech feature over the years. With equipment as personal as security cameras, most people prefer to research and install the “right” ones themselves. As many great wireless rental-friendly options there are, there are still better systems that require hard-wiring that will most likely go against rental agreements. Hard-wired products like doorbell cameras are very useful for people to see exactly what is going on right outside their door, especially if there’s a delivered package that mysteriously goes missing. This is only part of the extensive list of security systems that people will have the complete freedom to install if they are home owners. As a home owner, you should be responsible for your own safety.


Picture the green lawn, porch swing, and a cup of coffee.

Buying a home means having the luxury of your own space. Sharing walls won’t be the most ideal situation for anyone who needs to work from home, and you’re too busy in your day-to-day life to have to worry about unexpected meetings with your landlord. Owning a home lets you enjoy time with your family and friends, putting you in full control of your own peace.